Seamax Trading Ltd.

Japanese Seafood Wholesale

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Established in 2011, Seamax Trading Ltd, growing rapidly, has become a well-known seafood wholesaler in North America. Now, we have over 400 customers, and we have built a great reputation. Seamax Trading Ltd, as a professional seafood wholesaler, we provide daily delivery service to local restaurants and supermarkets. We are proud to count the highest profile restaurants and retailers as our most loyal and dedicated clients.

Our commitment to superior quality begins with our dedicated and hardworking employees. From our purchasers to our delivery drivers and everyone in between, we use our extensive experience to deliver the highest quality seafood products and best service to you.

Cold Storage System
The system is regularly maintained by our full time, on site refrigeration technician and is maintained at – 20 °C which well exceeds the requirements of the CFIA. Our blast freezer gives us the ability to quick freeze products thus preserving the quality integrity of products that require freezing.

Vacuum Packaging Machine
Vacuum packed products lose less weight and improve shelf life when kept at the correct temperature. The chamber system provides faster vacuuming times.

Electric Fish Scaler
The Diamond Head is used for the majority of fish (snapper, sea bass, and whitefish) and the Fluted Head is used for large scaled fish (carp).